KISSIO Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray


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1.ALL-DAY SET:This is a micro-fine all-day setting spray that locks in makeup for up to 16 hours.Never stick,fading & creasing.Keeping your makeup looking fresh from AM to PM
2.HYDRATES,NOURISHES & ANTI-OXIDIZES:Hamamelis and Bitter Ginseng Extracts help to hydrate and antioxidize for a long-lasting finish. Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract soothes the skin and Glycrrhiza Inflata helps the skin look radiant
3.For all skin types:A gentle sensitive skin formula,infused with a variety of hydrating and antioxidant-rich botanical extracts,can be spritzed before or after makeup to set makeup,or used alone to nourish and soothe skin all day long
4.Suggestions for use:Shake to activate.Hold bottle 8-10 inches away from your face and spray in a zigzag formation to distribute evenly over skin.Keep mouth and eyes closed while spraying.This setting spray is cruelty-free
5.All about KISSIO: We pursue beauty and achieve it. Our mission is to provide products with excellent ingredients, safety and suitability in your pursuit of beauty.Explore KISSIO beauty from lip plumper,sunscreen,peptide serum,neck cream,and more