KISSIO White Foundation Mixing Pigment

White Foundation

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  • Color Correction: White liquid foundation is highly pigmented and easy to blend to help correct foundation and color basic. Use KISSIO White Foundation to lighten any foundation that is too dark for your current shade
  • Smooth and Lightweight: Long-lasting, smooth and lightweight. Blends easily with foundation.And it is cruelty free
  • This Foundation Mixing is very pigmented, please place foundation and foundation mixing side by side on your palette and slowly blend into your foundation little by little.
  • Suggested dosage: 1/4 the amount of liquid foundation. A little goes a long way, don't use the same amount as liquid foundation.
  • This product has old and new packaging with the same content! "DEROL" is the old packaging, "KISSIO" is the upgraded packaging.The old and new packaging is shipped randomly